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James Hype & Miggy Dela Rosa - Ferrari
James Hype & Miggy Dela Rosa


Sun Is Up

D: We’re what you call basket cases
S: The wrong cats to play with
J.C.: You think you’re on our level but the contrast is blatant
S: You bitches tryna get a feature from the Thrashklan is like God asking Satan for a job application
D: It’s not happening, face it
We’re sick of the trends, so we’re gettin’ revenge
Like when dogs snack on Asians
J.C.: Sayin’ you’re rough as us is a false accusation
Like Scruff McGruff claiming that he caught Patrick Bateman
D: When I chug a brew and coke a sniff your crew is over with
You’re beyond trash, your soft raps are basic
S: You think you’re tough, but it’s like watching a stupid sober bitch drink the cups playing water pong actin’ wasted!
J.C.: Tellin’ me I can’t have my broads trapped in basements is like tellin’ Hellen Keller that she saw passed the Matrix
D: She’s choking, deep throating
My raw, gagging, taking
Pubes to the lips like I’ve got my balls wrapped in bacon
S: When I make her puke on my dick, I tell her I just want you to be beautiful bitch
I know that y’all yack to stay thin
D: A ruler isn’t long enough, so I measure my hard dick
With a yardstick even the Allah has to praise it
J.C.: Ima cock back and aim it at a blonde’s rack in Vegas
Cop that and make her clean my cock after rapin’
Coke and bottles help me cope with problems
I’m still wearing the broken condom I contracted AIDS with
S: We scare these rappers like we’re ghosts and haunt ‘em
Stacking their bodies in rows and columns
My squad lacks the patience
D: You tired hoes are gonners like fix a flat
My clique attacks from planet Earth to Mars and dissolves NASA spaceships
S: I chug Cognac and chase it with a strong glass of Maker’s Mark
In a mason jar, ‘till it’s all splashin’ waves in my stomach and next thing
I’m on a lawn half-awake and the sun is comin’ up
I’m lying in tall grass butt-naked
J.C.: I’ll slap a chicken just for cluckin’ her beak
D: Duckin’ the heat
But with this Jigsaw mask I’m nameless
Fuck the police, I car jack and taze pigs
J.C.: They can fuck themselves, like hogs masturbating
D: I’m takin’ a doodoo on a voodoo doll stabbed with razors
‘Cause these pop tunes got me pissed off, aggravated
J.C.: If a rapper’s pants saggin’ like his mom’s crappy face-lift
I’ll leave his jaw cracked, cut with raw lacerations
S: I got the Ruger ready
J.C.: But I’m more like Freddy Krueger with a new machete at the mall slashin’ strangers
S: We’re performing songs, packing stages with the whole clique
D: The Thrashklan even got the small asses shaking
S: People can’t get enough of it ‘cause it’s so sick
D: These motherfuckers even find our flaws fascinating
S: Hold the curtains, I’m hurtin’, I think my back is breaking
From the bow, because the crowd’s applause lasted ages
J.C.: Fuck picking fights, I’d rather stick a knife in a chick or guy
With either sex combat is dangerous
S: I’m already gettin’ life, they can’t sue me more
So I’m at the jewelry store tryna rob, snatching bracelets
J.C.: I got a groupie whore with a butterfly tramp stamp
She claims that she’s a virgin but a ?? can change it
D: I’ll leave your skull gashed like Jason
So fall back and save it like Osama’s aspiration
The Klan’s bombs blast the nation
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